Brand | Open Source For You Magazine


Launched in January 2003, Open Source For You is a complete magazine on open source and is today a big hit with those who love to read about open source.

The magazine carries tech articles on various open source for newbies, administrators, developers and community contributors. Furthermore, it is aimed to help organisations enhance their return on investment by deploying open source solutions.

Website is the web version of the Open Source For You magazine. The website features latest news from the community-driven world alongside delivering case studies, success stories, interviews and tutorials.

With a responsive design that works flawlessly on mobile devices as well as desktops, the site is a unified place to get all the updates from the world of open source.


Open Source For You accompanies with a free DVD that includes Linux distributions, open source tools, source code and white papers.

You can get a new version of Linux-based Debian, Fedora or Ubuntu or components like GNOME, KDE or Xfce. Also, the DVD often comes with a bootable operating system to deliver you the latest from the open source world.