Content Overview | Open Source For You Magazine

Why Open Source For You surpasses the competition?

  • Launched as Linux For You to lead the open source community back in 2003
  • Carries source code, white papers and tutorials on DevOps, Cloud, Mobile and Web Development along with latest in Open Source
  • Features interviews of industry bigwigs and community leaders
  • Includes case studies and success stories of companies deploying open source
  • Reaches decision makers, software engineers and developers

  • Contents

  • Admin: Describes various tools and solutions to help system admins
  • Developers: Highlights what’s new for the developer community
  • For U & Me: Attracts the audience from the other world to easily join the open source movement
  • Open Gurus: Lists all the newest developments for industry experts
  • Columns: Introduces readers with experienced open source enthusiasts to nurture career with open source technologies